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Adapt Drinks Relax Provides You A Moment To Unwind.

Enjoy this relaxing beverage in naturally sweetened Native Strawberry Gum flavour!

It is a non alcoholic, zero sugar, all natural, lightly sparkling adaptogenic drink designed to help you unwind and relax.

Adapt Drinks Relax is the perfect drink to have at the end of your work day or the end of a long day with the kids when you feel like a drink to help take the edge off but want to avoid alcohol.

The powerful amino acid L-Theanine is a key ingredient in Adapt Drinks Relax and it helps smooths the edges and relaxes you instantly. Relax also helps you over the long term through the superpowers of adaptogenic herbs. Consumed regularly the adaptogens have been shown to increase your ability to resist stress and decrease your sensitivity to stressors, allowing you to feel a greater sense of calmness.  

Where It 'Hits Different'
    Uniquely formulated to help you relax
    Naturally Zero Sugar
    Lightly sparkling and refreshing

Key Ingredients
    Schisandra berry extract
    Panax ginseng extract

Calories per 330ml can: 3 (13kj)

Sugar per 330ml can: 0  

 per can 330mlper 100ml
Energy 13kj (3 calories)4kj (1 calorie)
Fat: total<0.3g<0.1g
  • saturated
  • sugars
Dietary Fibre<1.5g<0.5g

Carbonated Water, Monk Fruit Juice (from concentrate), Strawberry Gum Extract, Schisandra Berry Extract, L-Theanine, Panax Ginseng, Citric Acid, Natural Strawberry Flavour, Natural Colour (grape skin extract).

'Adapt has done an incredible job blending scientifically formulated, relaxing ingredients with a satisfying lemon myrtle flavour. I recommend sipping in the evening instead of an alcoholic night cap'

- Dylan

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