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We give $1 from every order to BeyondWater who provide clean drinking water to those without in Eastern Africa

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"I started Hits Different after realising how obsessed I am with great quality, refreshing and healthy drinks! Join us on our mission to track down the best healthy bevs from around Australia and the world. Not all make the cut!"
- Dylan, Founder of Hits Different

Awesome Customer Service! Super quick responses from Dylan who is always keen to deal with any enquiries. Fabulous (and popular) products. Informative re ordering process. Absolutely hassle-free purchase. 10/10."


The ‘grown up energy drink’. What do I mean by that? Well, most energy drinks are overly sweet—even if sugar free—and taste like unicorn farts. The +Hemp Energy Drink on the other hand has a more refined flavour—doesn’t make you feel like a Lynx Africa-wearing teenager drinking it. Sure pepped me up too.

Paul - +hemp Energy Drink

"Great drinks to substitute the sugary ones - even more great service from Dylan and the team at Hits Different"