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Soda Fridge Filler Bundle! Sale

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The Tastiest Best Value Way To Fill Your Fridge Full Of Better For You Softies Is Here!

Choose your flavours and fill your fridge with this epic value Soda Fridge Filler 📦

These bevs all have WAY less sugar than the alternatives with nothing artificial! Better yet, they're all Australian made 🇦🇺

Choose your flavours of the following brands (click the links to learn more about each brand)

Bobby (around 1-1.5 tsp sugar per can) 
Full of prebiotics and thirst-quenching big flavours, ready to invade your taste buds and make your gut happy. 

Made in Australia, Bobby contains a premium, all-natural prebiotic, proven to aid digestion and increase the beneficial bacteria growth in your gut. 
12 x 330ml cans per carton!


Famous Soda (naturally sugar free) 
Famous Soda Is The Delicious Guilt Free Soda You Must Have In Your Fridge! Naturally Zero Sugar Bursting With Epic Summertime Flavours!

24 x 250ml cans per carton

Somersault Organic Soda (half the sugar of regular soft drinks) 
Full Flavour Organic Soda Flavour Slow Brewed Over 10 Days To Give You A Truely Delicious Fruity and Spicy Flavour! 

- 50% less sugar than regular soft drinks
- No sweeteners (artificial or natural including Stevia) 

- Tasty, unique flavours 
12 x 330ml cans per carton

Not Soda (naturally sugar free) 
Lo Bros Are On A Mission To Free Our Oceans Of Plastic Bottles And Hydrate Soda Lovers With Damn Tasty, Better-For-Us Drinks That Will Leave Your Taste Buds Tingling For More! 

For every can of Not Soda sold, Lo Bros donates funds to remove 2 plastic bottles from the ocean with their partners, Seven Clean Seas.

24 x 375ml cans per carton


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