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Vitality Switch Contains A Complete Blend Of The World’s Most Effective Superfoods! 

It contains zero artificial colours or cheap fillers, no barley grass or wheat grass, just 100% revitalising ingredients.

Vitality Switch is a wholefood formula that combines nature’s healthiest herbs, probiotics, antioxidants, adaptogenic mushrooms, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and enzymes - all you need to provide your body with a super dose of micronutrition to support optimal vitality every day.


Switch have also added Siberian Ginseng to enhance energy, reduce fatigue, improve gut health and support immunity. 

Where it 'Hits Different'

    1 Serve = 8 serves of vegetables in antioxidants (ORAC Value)

    Enhance digestion & gut health 

    Low calorie and sugar free

    Supports general health, immune function and boosts mental cognition 

Key Ingredients
    Adaptogen Blend

    Organic Mushroom Blend
    Super Greens Blend
    Digestive Enzyme Blend

Calories per 5g serve: 14 (60kj)

Sugar per 5g serve: 0.10g

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