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HD Starter Pack! Sale

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Not Sure What To Try? Overwhelmed By Choice?
Perhaps you're looking for something new!


Never fear - the 'Hits Different Starter Pack' is here!


(It's also the perfect gift for a friend or family member!)

The team has put together a box of 12 assorted drinks from across the range for you to try!
Inside this starter pack you'll get...


1 x Spindrift Pink Lemonade

Pretty in pink and just a little sweeter than their original Pink Lemonade formula.

With a splash of cherry and a blush of hibiscus, this may be your new favourite lemonade with just 1 gram of sugar!

1 x Wallaby Sparkling Water

Wallaby are bringing you deliciously fresh Australian spring water in the planet's most recycled and most recyclable packaging. There's nothing added but a lot given back; proceeds from every can supports our magnificent Aussie wildlife.

2 x bobby Prebiotic Soda - Creamy Soda + Vanilla Cola
bobby has the delicious old school flavours you know and love, even better it contains prebiotic fibre! Prebiotics are amazing for our gut health, feeding healthy gut bacteria and assisting digestion. Now that's a winning combo!

1 x Sorted Soda - Cola Flavour
With many Australians not getting in their daily fibre requirements (Women 25g per day Men 30g per day), Sorted gives you 7 grams per can to make sure you're well on the way to getting your daily dose of the good stuff. Plus it's naturally sugar free!

1 x SAVVY - Mixed Berry Flavour
A Drink Crafted By Nutritionists With Carefully Selected Ingredients Scientifically Proven To Improve Your Mood, Reduce Your Stress And Energise Your Mind! Naturally Sugar Free And Low Calorie!

1 x Fizz Functional Splash - Berry Boost Flavour
Marine collagen is the secret, functional ingredient in this bubby beverage, strengthening your hair, skin and nails!

2 x La Croix - Key Lime + Pamplemousse (Grapefruit) flavour
Get The World-Famous Flavoured Sparkling Water Everyone Is Talking About!
La Croix is refreshing and tasty with the perfect hint of flavour to leave you satisfied.

1 x Somersault Organic Soda - Raspberry Vanilla
Full Flavour Organic Soda Flavour Slow Brewed Over 10 Days To Give You A Truely Delicious Fruity and Spicy Flavour! 

50% of the sugar of regular soft drinks.


1 x +hemp Restore - Raspberry Mango flavour
Enjoy This Aussie-Made Restore Drink packed with vitamins to help restore you to wellness with the amazing health benefits of hemp seed extract!


1 x Frekl Ginger Beer - Finger Lime Flavour

Frekl Ginger Beer was born out of a friendship between two mates with a mission: to create a refreshing, non-alcoholic, sugar free beverage that tasted great.
Their low calorie, gluten free ginger beer is made with real Australian ginger, to give it that unmistakable zing that we all know and love.

.. that's 12 drinks in total! 

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