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Ginger Beer lovers rejoice, we have a battle for the ages on our hands!

Two Aussie made ginger beers with deliciously healthy, organic credentials have landed at Hits Different.

How about a match up to see how they compare?! 🥊

Somersault Ginger Beer vs PS Organic Ginger Beer

Somersault is slow brewed over 10 days with 50% less sugar that regular soft drinks that naturally builds flavour and full body.

PS Organic is sweetened with natural sweeteners (erythritol and stevia) to give it it well balanced sweetness with very little sugar. You can learn more about the difference between natural and artificial sweeteners here.

If you're not a fan of sweeteners but want a healthier, well balanced ginger beer, Somersault is for you!

If minimising sugar is your preference, PS Organic's version might be best for you!

As far as taste goes, both are incredible in their own right with distinctly different styles. In our opinion, Somersault has a slightly dryer, crisp taste to it. PS Organic is the sweeter option from the two.
Both carry a boutique, crafted flavour to them that can't be replicated by the bigger brands.

PS Organic is less bubbly than Somersault soda. On a scale of:
1 = water  to 10 = soda water 
we give Somersault and 8 and PS Organic a 4!

At the end of the day there's only one way to find out which you like best!

Shop now via the links below:
PS Organic Ginger Beer
Somersault Ginger Beer

PS Organic Ginger Beer Somersault Ginger Beer

1. Sugar

2g (from juice) 17.8g
2. Calories 19 (80kj) 84 (356kj)
3. Carbonation 
(Hits Different Score)
4/10 8/10
4. Sweetness (Hits Different Score) 6/10 5/10
5. Sweeteners Organic Stevia, Erythritol and Apple Juice Organic sugar

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