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Wallaby Sparkling Canned Water


Sick of plastic?!

Wallaby are bringing you deliciously fresh Australian spring water in the planet's most recycled and most recyclable packaging. There's nothing added but a lot given back; proceeds from every can supports our magnificent Aussie wildlife.

1 million PET plastic bottles are used every minute! In Australia, less than half will make it to a recycling facility and only 12% will have a chance to be used in a new bottle.

On average, 70,000 tonnes of PET plastic bottles go directly to landfill every year and leak into our oceans, wreaking havoc on land and sea-life - particularly sea birds, whales and turtles 

Wallaby is packaged in aluminum cans that are infinitely recyclable. In Australia, and aluminum can has an 82% chance of becoming a new can!

Where it 'Hits Different'
    Water sourced from Mt. Buninyong, Victoria Australia    
    Wallaby donates 10% of profits to help Aussie Wildlife
    Volcanic filtering means a rich blend of natural minerals are added to the water

Key Ingredients
    100% natural Aussie Spring Water
    Natural CO2 (give the water its carbonation)
    ... that's it! 

'Amazing company with an incredibly important mission - minimising waste and helping Aussie wild life. We're proud to have Wallaby in the Hits Different cooler!'
- Dylan

Wallaby Sparkling Canned Water