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vive Think Drink Sampler Sale

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In this sampler you'll get...

4 x vive Refocus Think Drink (Raspberry Flavour)
4 x vive Rebalance (Lime Flavour)

4 x vive Refocus (Grapefruit Flavour)
... that's 12 x 250ml cans in total

Vive is here to help you think & thrive naturally, with two lightly sparkling formulas full of brain-boosting ingredients - vive REFOCUS and vive REBALANCE.


Vive REFOCUS helps spark clearer thought and improved focus thanks to L-Theanine, B-Vitamins, Green Coffee Bean & Vitamin C. Available in Raspberry and Grapefruit, REFOCUS is about sustained energy and focus so perfect for when brain fog hits, energy slumps or you have deadlines looming.


Deliciously zingy, fresh and for those after caffeine-free mental clarity, vive REBALANCE is available in Lime. REBALANCE contains L-Theanine, Vitamin C and Panax Ginseng to help restore clarity and brighten mood. It's for those moments when you're feeling foggy, stress is high and caffeine is a no go.


Both contain less than 1g of natural sugar and no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. Just delicious, true fruit taste!

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