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Tired Of The Kids Drinking Sugar Loaded Soft Drinks Full Of Nasty Chemicals?

What is you could bottle everything rad about being a kid and jam it into a fizztastic can that looks like junk, but is 100% not junk?


Behold, The All New 'Rippa Sippa'! It's The Healthy Soft Drink Kids Want To Drink!

Rippa Sippa is the coolest kids drink on the block! It's a brand new low sugar, low fizz, natural alternative to soft drink - made just for kids!

Where It 'Hits Different'
    All natural
    Super low in sugar
    Certified organic coconut nectar to sweeten
Key Ingredients
    Carbonated Victorian spring water
    Organic coconut nectar
    Natural flavours

Sugar per 250ml can: 6.4grams

Calories per 250ml can: 36 (153kj)

Nutrition Information

Servings per package: 1 

Serving size: 250ml

 AVGE QTY Per ServingPer 100ml
Energy 153kj (36 cal)61kj (14 cal)
Protein <1g<1g
Fat - total0g0g
  • saturated
  • sugars

Ingredients: Carbonated Victorian spring water, certified organic coconut nectar, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavours, natural colour, (black carrot extract)

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