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Perform At Your Highest State With REDCON1's High Performance Energy!

With 200mg natural caffeine, focus factors and metabolism supporting ingredients, REDCON1 helps you stay energized, ultra focused and feeling good, no matter what the day throws at you.

Every flavour is delicious, crisp and refreshing so as you hustle hard each day, you never sacrifice taste for high performance.

Key Ingredients
    200mg natural caffeine (green coffee beans)
    1gram L-carnitine to help burn fat for energy (when in a calorie deficit)
    1gram Taurine to help metabolic function and exercise performance

Where It Hits Different
    200mg of Alpha GPC nootropic that helps improve memory, concentration, and energy levels to give you the boost of motivation need
    Zero sugar and calories
    Real energy that won't leave you lagging afterwards

Calories per 473ml can: 0

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