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Optimum Nutrition Pro 35 Sale

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Looking For Delicious Protein On The Go?

Whether It's Post Workout Or You Just Need A Protein Top Up During The Day, Pure 35 Is The Perfect On-The-Run Protein Drink!

Stingy with fat and sugar. This thick creamy shake leaves plenty of room for 35 grams of milk and whey proteins teeming with naturally occuring Essential Amino Acids & BCAA’s. 

Where It 'Hits Different'
    Just 1 gram of fat and sugar per bottle makes this one lean protein shake!
    35 grams of milk and whey based protein per bottle to help muscle repair
    Perfect for post workout recovery

Key Ingredients
    Milk Protein Concentrate
    Calcium Caseinate
    Whey Protein Concentrate

Sugar per 355ml bottle: 1g
Calories per 355ml bottle: 167 (700kj) Chocolate Flavour




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