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Ginger Beer Somersault Organic Soda


A new take on the traditional ginger beer styles, has more ginger flavours coming to the fore rather than the usual big sugar hit. Blended with a dash of lemon for extra zing.

Where it 'Hits Different'
    50% less sugar than regular soft drinks
    No sweeteners (artificial or natural including Stevia)
    Unique flavours

Key Ingredients
    Organic fruit juices
    Organic Sugar
    Natural Flavours

Sugar per 330ml bottle: 17.8 grams

Calories per 330ml bottle: 84 (356kj)

About Somersault Soda
Somersault's trademark slow brew method was invented in Melbourne by their head brewer Neil. Slow brewing over 10 days naturally builds full body and flavour in every bottle of Somersault. Being naturally less sweet allows the real fruit flavours to shine through.

This is a soda that is better for you in more ways than one...
    Organic, 100% natural with nothing artificial
    50% less sugar than regular soft drinks
    Somersault beverages are also vegan-friendly

Ginger Beer Somersault Organic Soda