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Bum Thavage Pre is the pre workout RTD (ready to drink) designed by 5 x Mr Olympia Chris Bumstead! 

Each bottle delivers a potent blend of Beta Alanine, L-Citrulline, and Caffeine to help you stay focused and alert. With zero sugar per serving, Thavage RTD is a clean and convenient way to boost your energy and mental clarity without any crash or jitters.

Thavage RTD is a tasty and refreshing alternative to sugary energy drinks or coffee. Whether you're heading to the gym, tackling a long workday, or just need a pick-me-up, Raw Nutrition's Thavage RTD has everything you need to stay energized and focused.

Also available in stimulant/caffeine free Rainbow Sherbet Flavour!

Where it 'Hits Different'
    Formulated with premium ingredients designed to enhance performance, focus, and energy levels
    Market leading flavours!
    Professional grade pre workout perfect for on the go!

Key Ingredients
    L-citrulline to boost nitric oxide production and relax your arteries. Help gives you a 'pump' in the gym
    Beta Alanine to help you increase muscle capacity and decrease muscle fatigue
    L-theanine to help decrease stress and improve mood, focus and attention when paired with caffeine

Sugar per 355ml bottle: 0g
Caffeine per 355ml bottle: 300mg

Sour Watermelon Flavour - caffeinated

 Amount per serving% Daily Value
Calories5 (21kj)<1%
Total Carbohydrates1g<1%
Chloride (from Potassium Chloride and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt)390mg17%
Sodium (as Himalyan Pink Salt)160mg7%
Potassium (as potassium chloride)150mg**
L-Citrulline 6g**
Beta Alanine3.2g**
Betaine Anhydrous2.5g**
Agmatine Sulfate1g**
Caffeine Anhydrous 260mg**
Di Caffeine Malate (45mg Caffeine)64mg**
Astragin [(Astragalus membranaceus, root extract) and (panax notoginseng, root Extract)]25mg**
Huperzine A (Huperzine serrata, whole plant)100mcg**


Other Ingredients:

Purified water, natural flavours, citric acid, himalayan pink sea salt (sodium chloride), natural flavours, potassium chloride, sodium hexametaphosphate, sucralose, sodium benzonate (preservative), potassium sorbate (preservative), EDTA calcium disodium versenate.

Each serving contains approx. 300mg of caffeine


Not suitable for caffeine sensitive persons, pregnant, nursing or breastfeeding or have any other medical condition including high or low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, heart, liver or kidney disease.


Rainbow Sherbet - non stim

 Amount per serving% Daily Value
Calories13 (55kj)<1%
Total Carbohydrates3g<1%
Vitamin B 12 (as Cyanocobalamin)100mcg4167%
Sodium (as Himalyan Pink Salt)174mg8%
L-Citrulline 5g**
Betaine Anhydrous3g**
Agmatine Sulfate500mg**
Himalayan Pink Salt200mg**

Other Ingredients
Purified water, citric acid, natural flavours, sodium hexa-metaphosphate, sucralose, sodium benzote, potassium sorbate, acesulfame-k, EDTA calcium disodium versentate.

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