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Do you lay in bed feeling like your body just won’t settle down?

Are you tired of waking up tired?

Body Armour's team of chemists and naturopaths introduce Body Armour Sleep, an advanced powder form solution designed to escape the grip of restless nights and experience the power of pure sleep through improved Deep Sleep and REM.

No chemicals or additives to ensure you avoid harsh side effects like grogginess, Body Armour Sleep is meticulously blended with powerful natural ingredients renowned for their sleep-inducing properties.

Recharge your body and experience the difference of waking up after quality sleep.

For best results, simply mix 1 scoop with water and consume 60 minutes before bed.

Coming at you in stevia sweetened Blackcurrant flavour. 

Where it 'Hits Different'
    No chemicals, clean sleep formula
    Naturally sweetened with stevia and little sugar
    Aussie made!

Key Ingredient
    Magnesium glycinate dihydrate

Calories per 8g serve: 22 (92kj)
Sugar per 8g serve: 0.24g

Ingredients: Magnesium Glycinate Dihydrate, Zinc Citrate Dihydrate, Vitamin D3, GABBA, Passionflower Herb, Ziziphus Jujube Mill Seed, Withania Lactose Free, Califonia Poppy, Glycine, Silica Andydrous HDK N20, Blackcurrant Blast Flavour, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, stevia.


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