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Need a natural energy drink?!

How about a match up between two of our favourite naturally sweetened energy drinks to compare?! 🥊

JOCKO Discipline Go VS Kill Cliff Ignite

Sugar and Sweeteners
Both of these energy boosters are naturally sweetened and naturally sugar free! They both have different ways of accomplishing this incredible feat:

1. JOCKO uses Monk Fruit 

A natural sweetener derived from the fruit originating from southern China. It has no calories and is 150-250 times sweeter than sugar

2. Kill Cliff uses Erythritol and Stevia:
Stevia is 200-350 times sweeter than sugar. This sweetener is derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It is made by extracting steviol glycosides from the leaves of the stevia plant and processing them to remove some of the bitter attributes found int the extract.

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that is produced by fermenting corn starch. It is 70% as sweet as sugar but only 5% of the calories.

JOCKO is the lesser caffeinated of the two with 95mg off caffeine. It's also got these energy boosting compounds:
1. Alpha GPC: Improves mood and increases mental energy
2. Theobromine: Is a close relative to caffeine. Has a similar effect as caffeine but does not stimulate the nervous system to the same extent
3. Bacopa Monnieri: Contains powerful antioxidants and may help boost brain function and alleviate stress and anxiety

Kill Cliff packs 150mg of caffeine which comes from green tea leaf extract, plus it contains magnesium, phosphorous, Vitamin B6 & B12!

So, which is best?
In my opinion, if you're looking for a bigger, more instantaneous energy lift, Kill Cliff ignite is best. With higher caffeine levels, it will give you a more noticeable lift quicker! Whether it be before the gym, intense exercise or when you want a bit extra to get things done.

If you want something that gives you more of a gentle lift and sustains you for longer - Jocko is best for you. Could be great to help you smash out that brain draining work project, finish your uni assignment or as a pre workout!

At the end of the day there's only one way to find out which you like best!

Shop now via the links below:
JOCKO Discipline Go
Kill Cliff Energy

JOCKO Discipline Go - 355ml can Kill Cliff Ignite - 355ml can

1. Sugar

0g 0g
2. Calories 5 (21kj) 25 (105kj)
3. Caffeine per can 95mg 150mg
4. Sweetness (Hits Different Score) 5.5/10 7/10
5. Sweeteners Monk Fruit Stevia and Erythritol
6. Flavours
  • Afterburner Orange
  • Sour Apple Sniper
  • DAK Savage (Cherry + Vanilla)
  • Citrus Psycho (lemon lime)
  • Tropic Thunder (Coconut + Pineapple)
  • Jocko Pom'r (Ice Tea + Lemonade)
  • Smashing Citrus
  • Tropicool Thunder
  • Cherry Lime Grenade
  • Fruit Punch Knockout
  • Legendary Lemon Berry


*This information or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Speak to your doctor before commencing any new physical exercise or diet program.

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