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JOCKO Discipline GO vs Red Bull

We all love an energy hit ⚡️ especially mid arvo or 'pre mission'!


Red Bull is a classic that has a long history of giving you a boost when you need it! I know I personally have had RB on road trips to Sydney or during night shifts 🥱


Yet since we discovered JOCKO Discipline GO cans I can't stop drinking them! These are a fantastic alternative to your usual energy drink if you want to avoid sugar, added nasties and want a cognitive boost as well 🧠


The nootropics in JOCKO GO (namely Alpha GPC) help promote concentration and focus on cognitive tasks ie smashing that spreadsheet at work, starting that assignment due tomorrow 🤓


Better yet, there's less of a crash afterward. This is because JOCKO contains no sugar but does contain Theobromine which provides a longer-lasting, milder and less jittery energy source than caffeine! Think more of an extended energy boost rather than a quick high and low which many people experience when consuming energy drinks like Red Bull 🤒


Red Bull Sugar-Free is great in that it has no sugar, but still contains artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours. So if you're looking to avoid those - JOCKO is the GO! 👌


JOCKO Discipline Go is all natural - no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners 🙅‍♂️


Why not try a JOCKO Discipline GO? Available in:

  • Afterburner Orange 🍊
  • Sour Apple Sniper 🍏
  • DAK Savage (Black Cherry & Lemonade)🍒🍋
  • Citrus Psycho (Lemon Lime)🍋
  • Jocko Pom'r (Ice Tea & Lemonade)🍹🍋
  • Tropic Thunder (Coconut & Pineapple)🥥🍍


- Dylan
Owner @ Hits Different Drinks
Precision Nutrition L1 Certified



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