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It's the go-to fuel of the modern go getter, work smasher, late nighter, early riser, road trip enthusiast!
Caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive substance (stimulates your brain) on planet earth.


Red Bull is a classic that has a long history of giving you a boost when you need it! I know I personally have had RB on road trips to Sydney or during night shifts.


Yet since we discovered JOCKO Discipline GO cans I can't stop drinking them! These are a fantastic alternative to your usual energy drink if you want to avoid sugar, added nasties and want a cognitive boost as well 🧠


The nootropics in JOCKO GO (namely Alpha GPC) help promote concentration and focus on cognitive tasks ie smashing that spreadsheet at work, starting that assignment due tomorrow.


Better yet, there's less of a crash afterward. This is because JOCKO contains no sugar but does contain Theobromine which provides a longer-lasting, milder and less jittery energy source than caffeine! Think more of an extended energy boost rather than a quick high and low which many people experience when consuming energy drinks like Red Bull.


Red Bull Sugar-Free is great in that it has no sugar, but still contains artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours. So if you're looking to avoid those - JOCKO is the GO! 👌


JOCKO Discipline Go is all natural - no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners!


Why not try a JOCKO Discipline GO? Available in:

  • Afterburner Orange 🍊
  • Sour Apple Sniper 🍏
  • DAK Savage (Black Cherry & Lemonade)🍒🍋
  • Citrus Psycho (Lemon Lime)🍋
  • Jocko Pom'r (Ice Tea & Lemonade)🍹🍋
  • Tropic Thunder (Coconut & Pineapple)🥥🍍


- Dylan
Owner @ Hits Different Drinks
Precision Nutrition L1 Certified



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  • Philip Bell -

    Hi Dylan. Enjoyed reading your article. I have been searching for someone in Australia to continue importing Jocko GO. Are you able to help direct me or possible have an alternative. Big fan of the Jocko products and GO for work and fitness so trying hard to stay loyal.

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