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Sorted - Sparkling Prebiotic Drink Sale

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'Sorted' Used To Love Soft Drinks Growing Up. But Moved On From It Because Of The Sugar And Nasties.

They simply didn’t agree with their guts anymore.

But Sorted reckons a cheerful bubbly drink definitely has its place in everyone’s fridge.

There’s something exciting about a sweet fizzy. And that’s why Sorted set out to create a better-for-you soft drink!

With many Australians not getting in their daily fibre requirements (Women 25g per day Men 30g per day), Sorted gives you 7 grams per can to make sure you're well on the way to getting your daily dose of the good stuff.

Better yet, this better for you softie tastes delicious!

Drink ice cold and enjoy it any time of day with friends, meals or whenever you're after a guilt free, delicious soft drink!

Where it Hits Different
    Over 7g of prebiotic fibre per can
    Naturally very low sugar (<0.1g per can)
    Low calories and FODMAP

Key Ingredients
    Prebiotic Acacia Gum Fibre
    Natural flavour
    Natural protein based sweetener (Thaumatin)

Calories per 250ml can: 17 (71kj)

Sugar per 250ml can: <0.1g

 Passionfruitper can 250mlper 100ml
Energy 75kj (17 calories)<40kj (9 calories)
Protein, Total<1g<1g
Fat: total<1g<1g
  • saturated
  • sugars
Dietary Fibre, Total7.1g (24% RDI*)2.8g

Sparkling water, Prebiotic acacia gum fibre (3.4%), Natural flavour, Natural colour (burnt sugar), Thaumatin (natural protein-based sweetener), Food Acid (citric acid, sodium citrate)

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