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The Hyped Energy Drink By 5 x Classic Physique Mr Olympia Chris Bumstead Is Here!!

This Energy Drink Combines Optimal Amounts Of Caffeine And Cognizin (aka Citicoline, An Effective Nootropic) To Give You A Quality Energy Drink With Less BS Ingredients Than Other Leading Brands.

Cognizin will help you dial in your focus and keep you locked in while the same amount of caffeine as a 355ml cup of coffee will stimulate your brain and keep you moving.

Whether you’re a student, an athlete, an entrepreneur, or just someone who wants to take life by the horns, Bum Energy is here to help you keep moving forward as you live life to the fullest. Be bold and leave your inner bum behind.

Where It 'Hits Different'
    One of the best tasting energy drinks going around
    Goldilocks zone of caffeine levels, not too much, not too little
    Zero sugar and no artificial colours

Key Ingredients
    Natural caffeine
    Cognizin (citicoline)

Caffeine per 355ml can: 112mg

Sugar per 355ml can: 0g
Calories per 355ml can: 5 (21kj)

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