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TÖST - Sparkling Non-Alcoholic

TÖST is an alcohol-free sparkling that is sophisticated, juicy but not too sweet. Carefully crafted by a team of culinary experts to create a drink worthy of special moments and occasions! 

Whether it's an afternoon at the park, celebrating a wedding or just enjoying a Friday night date night, TÖST is the perfect companion!

The New York Times calls it 'the ideal bubbly when you want a delicious drink minus the alcohol". TÖST has also been feature in the Washington Post, Vogue, Marie Clare and more.

What to expect
    Smells incredibly floral, fruity, with a hint of ginger
    Taste is more juicy than sweet with a slightly bitter, dry and refreshing finish

Where is 'Hits Different'
    A quality alcohol-free sparkling that isn't too sweet!

    Amazing mixer or perfect on it's own!
    All-natural, vegan and sweetened with organic blue agave!

Key Ingredients
    White Tea
    White Cranberry
    Organic Blue Agave

Sugar (from agave) per 100ml: 4.6g

Calories per 100ml: 17(71kj)

TÖST - Sparkling Non-Alcoholic