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'Tea Time' Bundle


Love tea? You know what time it is! In this bundle you'll get:

2 x East Forged Green Tea + Papya

East Forged's organic green tea is sourced from the Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan.  Carefully complemented with pitaya, commonly known as dragonfruit, this makes for a fresh and fruity brew.

2 x East Forged Black Tea + Yuzu
Lightly carbonated 12hr cold-brewed Australian black tea with Natural yuzu juice and nitrogen. If you love black tea with a modern, bubbly twist - this drink is for you!

2 x East Forged White Tea + Calamansi
Lightly carbonated 12hr cold-brewed Australian white tea with natural calamansi juice and nitrogen. This creates an incredibly unique and refreshing blend - the next generation way to enjoy this centuries-old favourite drink.

2 x PS Organic Black Tea with Hibiscus + Cranberry
Organic black tea with natural hibiscus and cranberry flavour. Smooth with a deep, complex flavour.

2 x PS Organic Elderflower + White Tea
A delicious blend of organic white tea and elderflower!

2 x PS Organic Green Tea with Moroccan Mint
All the antioxidants from Green Tea refreshingly blended with mint (which is said to help relieve stomach pain) creates this delicious tea. 

...that's 12 teas in total!

A little about caffeine in Tea
The caffeine in Tea acts in a different manner to the caffeine in coffee. There is an animo acid called L-theanine in tea (not herbal teas) that helps to relax you. Working with the caffeine creates a sustained release and gives a gentle lift unlike coffee which releases caffeine quickly into the system for that quick high but then the slump follows.

'Tea Time' Bundle