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StrangeLove Lo-cal Soda Sampler

Try the StrangeLove Lo-cal Soda range!

This delicious bundle will give you..
2 x StrangeLove Holy Grapefruit Lo-cal Soda
2 x StrangeLove Very Mandarin Lo-cal Soda
2 x StrangeLove Lemon Squash Lo-cal Soda
3 x StrangeLove Cloudy Pear Lo-cal Soda
3 x StrangeLove Yuzu from Japan Lo-cal Soda

That's 12 x 330ml cans in total...

StrangeLove Lo-cal sodas contain all the amazing taste you desire, with far less sugar and calories than regular sodas. They contain no sweeteners of any kind!

Where StrangeLove Lo-cal Sodas Hit Different
    Low sugar (12.5 grams per can)
    No artificial or natural sweeteners of any kind
    Australian made

StrangeLove Lo-cal Soda Sampler