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PS Organic Black Tea with Hibiscus Cranberry Sale

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Organic Ice Tea All Naturally Sweetened With Erythritol And Stevia With Almost No Sugar? What's Not To Love!

Where it 'Hits Different'
    Certified organic
    Low sugar & calories
    Australian made and owned!

Key Ingredients
    Organic black tea
    Organic erythritol
    Natural hibiscus and cranberry flavour


Calories per bottle: 7 (30kj)

Sugar per 330ml bottle: < 0.3 grams

The PS Organic Range is free from artificial colors, flavours and sweeteners - naturally sweetened with herbal stevia and xylitol. Using only organic ingredients, PS also has another layer of safety and wellness because the organic ingredients have not been exposed to any toxic pesticides or herbicides in the farming process. PS is also produced in a premium way using technology where they don’t need to add preservatives. PS soft drinks can give you the peace of mind and happiness, that whenever you feel like enjoying beverages, you’re holding one of the healthiest drinks for young and old!


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