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PS Organic

PS Organic No Added Sugar Kola


Finally an organic Kola – without all the junk! If you love cola but you don’t love the preservatives then this is for you.

Where it 'Hits Different'
    Certified organic
    Low sugar & calories

Key Ingredients
    Organic lemon juice
    Organic Sweeteners
    Kola Nut Flavour

Calories per bottle: 9 (40kj)

Sugar per 330ml bottle: < 0.3 grams

"Hard to believe this Kola is organic AND very low sugar. Well played Parker's Organic. If you're craving a Coke No Sugar or Pepsi Max, this kola is the perfect clean alternative"
- Dylan

PS brings delicious taste and awesome health benefits to soft drinks. Studies show that refined sugar is hidden in many foods and beverages - and soft drinks, cordials and sport drinks are a key culprit. A single serve of some soft drinks can have up to 40 g of sugar-which is almost double the healthy recommended daily amount by medical professionals and the World Health Organisation. Excess refined sugar intake is a key cause of obesity, that can also lead to heart disease and cancer, amongst other diseases such as type 2 diabetes and tooth decay.

The PS Organic Range is free from artificial colors, flavours and sweeteners - naturally sweetened with herbal stevia and xylitol. Using only organic ingredients, PS also has another layer of safety and wellness because the organic ingredients have not been exposed to any toxic pesticides or herbicides in the farming process. PS is also produced in a premium way using technology where they don’t need to add preservatives. PS soft drinks can give you the peace of mind and happiness, that whenever you feel like enjoying beverages, you’re holding one of the healthiest drinks for young and old!

PS Organic No Added Sugar Kola

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Derek L.

A disappointing cola

The description of ingredients sounds great . The ingredients are great. The concept of the drink is brilliant. Sadly, the taste was too subtle and it was quite a let down. The flavour needed to be more intense. The other thing I do not understand was the lack of fizz. It says carbonated water in the ingredients list but it had absolutely no fizz. Again , it was sadly disappointing . I wish I could write a brilliant review for this cola because the concept was impressive. ☹️☹️☹️

Courtney M.
Australia Australia

The alternative you've been looking for!

PERFECT for those addicted to Coke! Have stocked the fridge with this instead, such a relief to find a truly healthy alternative.

Australia Australia

Tastes so good! You won’t miss your sugary cola!

A cola drink my kids can also enjoy! This tastes so good! Looking forward to a low carb, less sugary summer drink.