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Organic Grandma's Garden Tea - Naturally Driven Sale

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For Naturally Driven, A Special Place Was Grandma's Garden!

A place of flowers, aroma and memories to be treasured. This blend is an amazing, bright pink, an infusion that is so refreshing. Hibiscus Rose and Calendula are all rich in Vitamin C and packed full of antioxidants. Energy-boosting Yerba Maté with floral aromas and fruit flavours. 


This loose leaf tea is perfect for afternoon sipping! Pop some Grandma's Garden into a tea pot, steep and enjoy!

Key Ingredients
    Organic Yerba Maté
    Organic Hibiscus Flower
    Organic Rose Petals
    Organic Calendula Petals
.... that's it!

Where It 'Hits Different'
    Delicious, unique tea flavour
    Natural energy from Yerba Maté (35mg of caffeine per serve)
    Immunity boosting and weight loss benefits    

Calories per 3g serve (1 tablespoon): 11 (48kj) 

Sugar per serve (47 serves per pouch): 0.017g

 per 3g serve (1 tbsp)
Energy 48kj (11 calories)
Fat: total1.7g
  • saturated
  • sugars
Naturally Occuring Composition 

Organic Yerba Maté, Organic Hibiscus Flower, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Calendula Petals.

'Whip out the tea pot a steep this natural, lifting tea straight from Grandma's Garden'
- Dylan

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