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JOCKO Discipline Go - Citrus Psycho


aka Lemon & Lime Flavour!

Need special forces level energy in a can!?
Get the energy booster designed by former US Navy SEALs (lead by Jocko Willink).

Jocko Discipline Go cans are the ultimate natural physical and cognitive enhancer by Origin Labs USA. Discipline is perfect for pre-mission - whether it be a workout, cognitive task or when you just need a real pick me up! Discipline Go is also pasteurised removing the need for any artificial preservatives. 

Where it 'Hits Different'
    Nothing artificial 
    Naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit
    Sugar-Free & Keto Friendly    

Key Ingredients

 Ingredient Dosage Benefit
Vitamin B12 100mcg

Essential vitamin that your body needs but cannot produce itself. It's great for helping improve your mood, give you an energy boost and improving memory

Caffeine 95mg Gives you an energy boost and assists mental focus. By blocking the inhibitory neurotransmitter Adenosine (which promotes sleep), it allows the amount of other neurotransmitters (including the feel good dopamine) to increase. This results in enhanced firing of neurons in your brain which equals, you guessed it - more energy!
Alpha GPC 100mg Improves mood and increases mental energy
Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg Helps the body produce energy
Theobromine 100mg Is a close relative to caffeine. Has a similar effect as caffeine but does not stimulate the nervous system to the same extent
Bacopa Monnieri  50mg Contains powerful antioxidants and may help boost brain function and alleviate stress and anxiety

Calories per can:
 5 (21kj)

"I'm a huge fan of this completely natural energy drink. Unlike other energy drinks, it feels good knowing you're not consuming anything artificial and still getting real focus and energy boost."

- Dylan

JOCKO Discipline Go - Citrus Psycho