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Peach Flavour Best Before: 12/9/23


Sparkling water infused with whole, wonky fruit for a crisp dash of flavour. 

Where it 'Hits Different'
    Made from wonky, out of shape fruit that would otherwise go to waste
    Naturally sugar-free
Key Ingredients
    Carbonated water
    Natural Flavourings
    Fruit Extract


Calories per 300ml can: 2 (8kj)

At DA-SH they judge their ingredients on taste alone - looks never come into it. So while they're fussy about flavour, they don’t care if the fruit is bumped, curved, broken or squashed. DA-SH wants to do their bit to cut food waste so by saying yes to produce that others say no to, they make drinks that taste delicious and in a small way help raise awareness about the big issue of waste. One bashed up berry, curly cucumber and lopsided lemon at a time.

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