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The Tastiest Flavour Combo You've Never Heard Of!

Looking for a ginger classic with a twist that really 'Hits Different'?

Try this refreshing, crisp, classic ginger ale transfusion that's satisfyingly sweet with juicy grape notes. Reed's blends pressed organic ginger juice and delicious concord grape flavour in every batch. 

Ginger is well known globally for its health-promoting properties making Reed's, with lots of fresh ginger, the best choice.

2,000mg of Peruvian Organic ginger in every can!

The perfect mixer for your cocktail or mocktail without the sugar or nasties!

Where it 'Hits Different'
    Zero calories and zero sugar! (naturally) 
    No artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colours
    Amazing as a mixer or on it's own!

Key Ingredients
    Pressed organic ginger root    
    Sweetener blend

Calories per 355ml can: 0 (0kj)

Sugar per 355ml can: 0g

 per 355ml can
Energy 0 calories 
Total Fat0g
Total Carb.12g
  • Total Sugars

Includes 0g Added Sugars

  • Erythritol

Ingredients List:
Sparkling filtered water, Sweetener Blend (Erythritol, Stevia leaf extract, Monk Fruit Extract), Pressed Organic Ginger, Natural Flavours, Citric acid, Juice for colour.


'You're probably wondering what happens when grape and ginger meet in the same beverage.. and you're right to wonder so! 

The result is a school bag grape style flavour, all grown up! This Grape & Ginger Ale transfusion will give your tastebuds an initial sweet rush, nicely offset with notes of ginger before a clean, crisp finish. 


An epic beverage best enjoyed hot days or when you're looking for a tasty non-alcoholic substitute to hit the spot'

- Dylan

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