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Cola Combo Pack

Looking for a delicious cola that is full on flavour with no chemicals and little sugar? Try our Cola Combo pack with...

12 x 330ml bottles PS Organic No Added Sugar Kola
Kola – without all the junk! If you love cola but you don’t love the preservatives then this is for you. Certified organic, this Kola is delicious, boutique and Australian made!

12 x 355ml cans of Virgil's Zero Sugar Cola
Virgil's Zero Sugar Cola is the perfect zero sugar and calorie drink made with a proprietary all-natural sweetener blend (erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit). Perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy refreshing soda without sugar or artificial sweeteners! It also has 0 calories - amazing!

That's 24 delicious, healthy colas - enjoy cold!

Cola Combo Pack