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bobby Is The Unconventional Soft Drink Taking Australia By Storm! 

Get 3 cans of each flavour...
- 3 x bobby Berry

- 3 x bobby Lemon

- 3 x bobby Orange

- 3 x bobby Cola
... that's 12 cans in total!

bobby has the delicious flavours you know and love, even better it contains prebiotic fibre! Prebiotics are amazing for our gut health, feeding healthy gut bacteria and assisting digestion. Now that's a winning combo!

Key Ingredients
    Prebiotic fiber
    Sugar and natural sweeteners
    Apple and hibiscus concentrate

Where It 'Hits Different'
    No artificial flavours (Non GMO)
    Naturally sweetened (sugar, erythritol and steviol glycosides)
    Each can contains 2 grams of gut friendly prebitoic fiber
If you're interested in learning more about prebiotics, check out our blog article here


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