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Hits Different

East Forged Tea - Black Tea & Yuzu

East Forged is the unique, refreshing way to enjoy tea! Nitrogen infused, all natural and has no added sugar. East Forged is the next generation way to enjoy this centuries old favourite drink.
Love froth or looking for a genuine beer alternative? Give the can a shake before you pour it into a glass for a foamy beer style tea (check out the pics)

The caffeine in Tea acts in a different manner to the caffeine in coffee. There is an animo acid called L-theanine in tea (not herbal teas) that helps to relax you. Working with the caffeine creates a sustained release and gives a gentle lift unlike coffee which releases caffeine quickly into the system for that quick high but then the slump follows.

Where it 'Hits Different'
    Nitrogen infused for a frothy refreshing experience 
    12 hr cold brewed
    Tea is grown in Far North Queensland, free of pesticides and herbicides

Key Ingredients
    Lightly carbonated 12hr cold-brewed Australian black tea
    Natural yuzu juice
Calories per can (250ml): 1.8 (7.5kj)
"Tastes so pure, clean and refeshing. If you like tea, you wil LOVE this healthy iced tea" - Dylan    

East Forged Tea - Black Tea & Yuzu