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Functional - Don't Mind - Little/Zero Sugar

Adapt Drinks Relax is the perfect drink to have at the end of your work day or the end of a long day with the kids when you feel like a drink to help take the edge off but want to avoid alcohol. 

The powerful amino acid L-Theanine is a key ingredient in Adapt Drinks Relax and it helps smooths the edges and relaxes you instantly. Relax also helps you over the long term through the superpowers of adaptogenic herbs. Consumed regularly the adaptogens have been shown to increase your ability to resist stress and decrease your sensitivity to stressors, allowing you to feel a greater sense of calmness.  


Ginger is an incredible superfood that has amazing powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It's great for relieving nausea related to pregnancy morning sickness, plus it can help treat chronic indigestion.

PS Organic has an amazing Ginger Kombucha crafted to give you a delicious, refreshing way to get your ginger in!
You can learn more about Ginger's amazing health benefits here


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